Tilton Enterprises

    Tilton Enterprises is a specialized land excavation and development company with a focus on equestrian facilities. The approached Black Tag Design to update their website with a more modern, attractive design. We have maintained the website from its initial launch. Since initially joining with Tilton to create this website we have worked on multiple projects for them including more web development, content optimization, and advertising.


    Tilton Enterprises is a land excavation and development company based in Middleburg, Virginia. Their services span almost any aspect of land development, but they have a specialization in equestrian facility development.


    Website: www.tiltonenterprises.com

    The Project

    Black Tag Design was tasked with updating their existing, dated website for a more modern website with a more dynamic design. We provided a clean user interface and simple contact forms to help potential customers reach the Tilton office. We continue to provide updates and support for the Tilton Enterprises website including gallery updates, page updates, and service updates, as well as hosting and performance management.