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Facebook Graphics Sizes

Social media is a booming business. Most businesses, big and small, are creating social media pages to help communicate with their customers. It is both an excellent sales tool and customer service tool. To do social media right requires commitment and a clear vision for your goals. Generally, the best place to start on social media is your company image. Today I’m going to give you some tips on creating the best possible graphics for Facebook. We’re going to go over profile photos and cover photos.

Profile Photos

The profile picture of your company is the image that appears whenever you post a comment, it appears next to your posts on peoples news feeds, and it also appears towards the top left portion of your company page. Generally for smaller companies, and for companies just starting out on Facebook I suggest keeping it fairly simple for a profile picture. Your company logo, and possibly a tagline. Profile pictures will be seen by Facebook users at multiple sizes. On your company page, it will be displayed at 168px x 168px, whereas in a post the logo will show up as a small 48px x 48px, and in a comment to a post the logo will show up as a tiny 32px x 32px. It is definitely worth keeping in mind that whatever profile picture you decide to create, it should be simple enough to be at least recognizable at that very small size. Here is an example of the Black Tag Design Facebook profile picture.

Facebook Profile Photo Sizes

Facebook Profile Photo Sizes

You can see that the 32px photo is fairly hard to distinguish, but the page name is displayed beside the picture in any comment, which helps with brand recognition. The only requirement for a high quality profile picture is that the content is square, we recommend at least 500px x 500px, and that it is capable of scaling down to a very small size legibly. This can be done with MS Paint, Photoshop, or even Powerpoint.

Cover Photo

The cover photo is a more complicated graphic to create. This graphic ideally is 851px x 315px. The cover photo is a great place to display products, or company slogans. There are a few considerations however. The profile picture that you just uploaded actually overlaps some of the cover photo, and when someone visits your page from a desktop or laptop it loads the page slightly scrolled down from the top, only exposing 851px x 185px.

So what do we do with all these dimensions? Well let’s look at a graphic to help us understand how to assemble an effective cover photo.


Facebook Cover Photo Guide

Facebook Cover Photo Example Sizes

In this example, all of the area in black will be visible to a user who initially visits your Facebook page from a laptop or desktop computer. You can download this image (right click and say save image) and use it as a stencil in PowerPoint, Photoshop, or Paint.

A Few more pointers on Facebook cover photos.

  1. Keep text to a minimum. On mobile devices the cover photo is almost completely covered by the page name and the profile picture. Don’t rely on the cover photo to be a part of your brand image on Facebook, let it augment your profile photo.
  2. Generally cover photos with graphics biased towards the right of the photo look better.
  3. Be sure to give the profile picture some space with the cover photo, otherwise it could look a little crowded.

Hope that helps make Facebook graphics a little bit easier!

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